Player Sponsorship

Nantwich Town Football Club have exciting opportunities to sponsor members of the first-team in the 2019-20 season.

Shirt sponsorship costs £150, while shorts and sock sponsorship costs £30 and £20 respectively. Alternatively, you can sponsor your favourite Dabber’s tracksuit for £75.

Currently, our player sponsorship reads as follows:

Greg Hall: Shirt sponsored by Bob Antrobus
Ollie Hawkins: Available to sponsor
James Hawkins: Available to sponsor

Troy Bourne: Shirt sponsored by Stephen Morris, Dave Walker and Andrew Wisley
Matty Devine: Shirt sponsored by The Temmen Family
Kallam Boyle: Available to sponsor
Josh Langley: Shirt sponsored by Nantwich Window Cleaning
Joel Stair: Shirt sponsored by Rebecca Wilkinson
Joe Davis: Shirt sponsored by Michael Chatwin
Ben Harrison: Shirt sponsored by Nantwich Refrigeration Services
Clayton McDonald: Shirt sponsored by Margaret Akam

Caspar Hughes: Shirt sponsored by Arthur Moran
James Lawrie: Shirt sponsored by Nantwich Window Cleaning
David Webb: Shirt sponsored by Brian Ranson; shorts and socks sponsored by Ian Ranson
Sean Cooke: Shirt sponsored by Steve Wilkinson
Will Saxon: Available to sponsor

Luke Walsh: Shirt sponsored by Peter Boulton
Joe Mwasile: Shirt sponsored by Cerco IT
Joe Malkin: Shirt sponsored by NTISA
Ricardo Fuller: Shirt sponsored by NTISA
Callum Saunders: Shirt sponsored by Grant Richards
Callum Parker: Available to sponsor

Dave Cooke: Sponsored by Steve Wilkinson
Danny Griggs: Available to sponsor
Jay Bateman: Sponsored by Intiume Construction
Nigel Deeley: Available to sponsor
Keiron Clarke: Available to sponsor