Veterans Football

Veterans Football at Nantwich Town takes place every Friday evening from 8pm-10pm at the Applewood Independent Arena.

Sessions are £4 per week, and it’s a great way to socialise, meet new people, be active and of course – playing the beautiful game!

The Dabbers’ Veterans  side played their first game at the Weaver Stadium in May 2019 against Crewe Corinthians and played an exciting game played in good spirit.

Jeremy Nicholls recently fulfilled a lifelong dream by captaining Nantwich in the Veterans game this summer. Here’s his testimonial to the sessions:

I’ve been invited to say a few a words about the veteran’s football. Where can I start? It has been an absolute blast. A few months ago I was talking to Lyndon and he had suggested that he might be interested in setting up an evening for veterans (over 35’ish footballers).

“Straight away I was keen, I had played local football many years ago, but not for some years. Being a Nantwich Town fan and a regular at the Weaver Stadium I was happy to join the extended club community. Regarding the sessions themselves, they have been brilliant, well attended with numbers increasing all the time. There are all levels of ability, a great bunch of guys looking to play some football, with passion, commitment, but most of all fun.

“What has made it so great is how much and how quickly we have become team mates, and friends. What started as a bit of a run out to help keep the body ticking over, and the pounds off quickly become something more. This cumulated in having the opportunity to play at the Weaver Stadium, playing a friendly with Crewe Corinthians. Walking on the pitch before the game, sitting in the changing rooms, generally being in the stadium was a brilliant experience, thanks to Nantwich Town for allowing us the opportunity. It was a real occasion, with many of us having friends and family there to support us. For some it was the first time our kids had seen us play in a serious game, a great day out and special occasion.

“Personally being given the role as captain, I had the great honour of leading out a team of fantastic players and a great group of lads. This was a real honour and something I will remember for a long time. I’ve spent many a Saturday afternoon cheering on the Dabbers, pulling the shirt on was amazing. I think I speak for all the guys when I say a huge thank you to Lyndon for all his hard-work, enthusiasm, commitment, and helping bring a bunch of old boys together to enjoy the great game.

“If anybody was considering it, but had reservations, I’d some come down, you’ll be welcomed and pleasantly surprised. Its great fun on a Friday night, and great way to start the weekend, and be a part of Nantwich Town FC.”