Following weeks of uncertainty, we have today learned, only via the FA and League web site and national news, that The FA has today announced and confirmed that the for all clubs in the national league system steps 3 to 6, the current 2019/20 Season has now been brought to an end and all results will be expunged, with no promotions and no relegations.

Whilst everyone at Nantwich Town recognises that the health and well-being of everyone at this time is of prime importance and way beyond sport, it is none the less, a devastating blow for the majority of Clubs within the NLS system and more importantly their supporters, players and volunteers, who have committed months of their time and hard earned money, to support their local club’s with the hope of seeing them achieve success, which now amounts to nothing! And without financial support many clubs, like a lot of business’s within their respective communities, will struggle to recover from this, as aside from investing in their playing squads and the associated costs that go with this, they also have the overheads and obligations of running their stadiums and with the season now curtailed two thirds of the way through, the non-league landscape, could look a lot different in the immediate future.

It’s clearly a difficult and challenging time for everyone throughout the world at this time and there are difficult and disappointing decisions having to be made in all areas of life on a daily basis, though to our knowledge none of the Club’s in our league were consulted as part of this decision making process, as we certainly weren’t.

The Board of Nantwich Town along with help from our supporters has once again invested heavily in supporting our management team and players to enable them to challenge at the very top of the league and in all competitions which they have done fantastically and it’s now all for nothing. It is a disappointing and devastating blow and one that will take some processing and it also leaves many questions still to be answered, some of which you as supporters and players will rightly be asking, though at this time we unfortunately know as much as yourselves and will await further detail from the FA and League. There are also many outstanding formalities for a Club such as ours to address, but please be assured that the Board of Directors and NTISA will be doing everything within our powers to recover and regroup and to ensure that we are ready to compete again at the highest level, once the opportunity arises, though it will be a difficult road back and won’t be easy, as the enforced closure of the club together with the season’s premature ending has serious financial implications for all clubs at our level and threatens our very existence, so we will need help and to urgently raise funds with everyone in the community pulling together, as they always have done to ensure that Nantwich Town FC and everyone connected with it becomes even stronger and remains a vital part of the community it has served for over 136 years!

Thank you sincerely to every player, supporter, volunteer and commercial partner, that has invested time and money in our Club, it is valued and much needed and we need you now and in future more than ever.


Jon Gold
Nantwich Town FC