Gainsborough Trinity v Nantwich Town FC

Tuesday 6th Oct 2020

Following Saturdays FA Cup game against Barwell on Saturday, a small number of players reported feeling unwell on Sunday and as such registered and undertook Covid-19 tests, as a matter of urgency and precaution and this has so far resulted in one positive test and we await results on the rest of the squad. However, as a matter of protocol and safety and in consultation with the league and Public Health England, tomorrow’s away game at Gainsborough has been postponed and we will await the outcome of the remaining tests and seek further guidance once these are known, before determining if and when future games can be played.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, especially to our hosts at Gainsborough, but I am sure that you will appreciate that since the return of Football, the health and safety of all of our players, volunteers, employees and supporters, is of the utmost importance and I am sure that you will join us in wishing everyone affected by this, a speedy and healthy recovery.


Chairman NTFC