Whilst the current season has once again been declared Null & Void, Nantwich Manager Dave Cooke is already planning ahead for the resumption of Football and has swooped to sign Argentinian rising star Carlos “Thommy” Montefiori to strengthen his existing squad in readiness for next season.

“Tommy” is one of the most exciting young prospects I have come across in a very long time said Dave and he initially came highly recommended after making his home in the UK to pursue his ambition of furthering his football career after coming through the ranks of one of Argentina’s top academies and it’s clear he has an exciting future ahead of him and I am sure our supporters are going to make him very welcome and will enjoy watching his fabulous skills as part of our team and we look forward to working with him and helping him to develop and improve further”.


“It’s clearly been a difficult year for everyone, with many challenges still to overcome said Dabbers Chairman Jon Gold, but with the Governments road map in place and the vaccine rollout proving very successful so far, there is room for great optimism for the future and a safe return to Football for everyone and this hopefully illustrates our intention to carry on where we left off, by strengthening our existing squad to ensure that we can hopefully continue on our exciting journey, playing exciting football and bringing more memorable games and successful occasions to Nantwich and we have worked hard to secure Carlos (“Thommy’s”) signature in advance, as we believe he has all of the qualities and attributes to make a telling contribution to the club and team in the forthcoming season”.