Club Statement

As you may have seen in the media and from the statements of our fellow clubs, our forthcoming festive fixtures against Stafford Rangers and Witton Albion, have now been postponed. This isn’t a decision taken lightly, as like yourselves, the club, it’s management and players were looking forward to the resumption of the league, especially at Christmas time, but given the current increasing severity of the pandemic and the fact that the majority of areas in our league are now in tier 3, with the possibility that further tighter restrictions maybe imposed, including another full lockdown, it simply isn’t viable to plan to continue at this stage, both from a financial point of view and from a safety perspective and as most games would have to be played without supporters, it simply isn’t financially viable to continue at this stage, as the financial stability and long term future of Nantwich Town Football Club is paramount and above any short term desire to recommence competitive matches, no matter how tempting that might be in the short term, as without income and supporters and/or additional government/FA Support, the non-league system we all love, is under threat.

The Country is clearly in a concerning and dangerous situation at present and whilst there is obviously room for great optimism for the future, following the discovery and launch of the new vaccine, the immediate threat and danger for everyone, is very real and everyone has a part to play in ensuring that we are as safety conscious as possible to eliminate the risk, to friends, family, colleagues and strangers, until the vaccine can be administered over the coming year and we can all hopefully return to some form of normality.

Following the latest round of postponements, it’s hard to envisage the league being able to reach a conclusion in the allotted time of the current season, as there are just too many games to accommodate, with ourselves having only completed 6 full league games so far! To this end I know that the league are working hard behind the scenes to find a workable solution for all clubs, but as we currently don’t know the expected length of the current national risk alert and the potential lifting of any of the restrictions and tiers recently introduced, this isn’t an easy task and as always, we will keep you updated on any progress or announcements from the FA and League.

I appreciate that this is disappointing news for everyone, especially as due to the current necessary restrictions, the time with your friends, families and loved ones this Christmas, is sadly going to be limited and our festive fixtures would of no doubt provided us all with some welcome respite!

We would once again like to reiterate our sincere thanks to you all for the immense patience and generous continued support that you have given to every area of the club over the past nine months, in what has been an extremely challenging time for everyone and the generosity and commitment shown by yourselves and the wider community, has been both inspiring and humbling and we are committed to once again overcoming this latest setback and challenge, to ensure that the Dabbers return even stronger and to continue onwards with yourselves, building on the progress and successes of recent years.

On behalf of the board of Directors, management, players, staff and coaches, we would like to wish you all the safest and best Christmas that you can all possibly have at this present time and we look forward to resuming operations safely in 2021, which we pray, is a much better year for everyone than the present one.