Hello Everyone

I hope that you and your families are all keeping safe and well in this concerning and challenging time for us all? And whilst the health and welfare of everyone in society is of prime importance at this difficult time, we also appreciate that like ourselves, many of you are yearning for a return to some form of normality and are anxious to hear about the current status of our beloved Football Club and are understandably wondering when it will be safe to reopen things again, from our community and junior football sessions and games, through to plans for the next season for the first team.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any concrete dates or answers on this at present and like yourselves, the only knowledge that we have, is what is in the public domain from the Governments regular briefings, though we remain hopeful of some encouraging news as the current lock-down begins to ease.

The annulment of this past season with the first team in such a promising position was obviously a massive disappointment, especially when everybody had worked so hard, both on and off the pitch and invested a great deal of time and money in supporting the ambitions of us reaching the end of season play offs and hopefully beyond. The resulting void it has left on many fronts, both emotionally and financially, will be very difficult to fill, especially as it seems unlikely that the 2020/21 season won’t now commence as planned in August, as if the Premier League with all of its vast human and financial resources can’t yet safely recommence games, even without supporters, Club’s lower down the pyramid have little chance of playing competitively, until it is 100% safe to do so. More importantly, supporters and volunteers, who are the lifeblood of non-league Football must be able to safely attend, as playing games behind closed doors just isn’t feasible or viable at our level.

Whilst this is obviously frustrating and concerning, we all must remain positive and ensure that Nantwich Town Football Club remains viable even in lock-down and is fit for purpose and stronger for when we are able to recommence every aspect of our operation, which hopefully will be in the near future.

To this end there is still much going on behind the scenes in terms of planning for this and Dave and his management team are working closely with our existing squad, the majority of which have loyally committed to remaining with the Dabbers, to hopefully help us achieve our ultimate objectives and they have also been busy identifying and conversing with potential additions that might strengthen our already formidable existing squad.

I understand that like all of us, who are foremost supporters, we want to know what the team will be and who has signed etc, but due to the current crisis, this is impossible to do and in my opinion it would also be foolhardy, especially given we appear to be nowhere near having a fixed start date for the new season and whilst I acknowledge that there are teams out there that appear to be signing players on long contracts for large amounts of money, which is their prerogative, in our opinion this is potential financial suicide and not acting prudently and in the best interests of the long term stability and future of the Football Club, especially if those same club’s then go on to produce “Just Giving buckets” to avert a financial crisis further down the road and whilst we will certainly need all of your help, support and fundraising efforts once we are through all of this, you can be assured that when it happens, it will be for the overall long term sustainability of the Football Club and not because we have made unwise commitments with funds that we simply don’t have at this present time.

We have also started preparations for renovating the main pitch and The Applewood 3G Arena in readiness for the recommencement of Football at all levels as soon as the Government declares it safe to do so.

One of our biggest and most important assets, is our community based junior and youth sections and I appreciate how frustrating it is for everyone including our young players, coaches and parents, to be unable to continue their development and progress at this time and we are planning and organising things in readiness to welcome you all back. To all of the parents and coaches, we are sincerely grateful for your continued valued support and commitment at this time, as its your loyalty along with all the others, that is helping to keep us viable at this time and in the future when everything is good again, we look forward to hopefully rewarding this.

Many of you have enquired as to why we haven’t yet started a fund raising initiative? As it’s clear that like many other similar organisations currently without income, but still with the associated overheads and running costs, we are in desperate need of it, but rather than set up a nondescript just giving scheme, we would like to present something more tangible with value to our supporters, patrons and stakeholders, as it’s clear that the landscape of society, business and sport will be much changed once we have overcome the current ongoing crisis. Things we once took for granted will not be viable or the same again, if ever in some cases, and we will all have to be flexible and adapt together, which probably means in many areas, breaking with historical traditions in order to preserve the things that we hold the dearest to us.

To this end Nantwich Town Football Club is no different and we are currently working very hard behind the scenes on some exciting new initiatives that will hopefully help us through the current crisis, but also help to preserve, develop and secure the long term future of the club that we all love so much and I look forward to hopefully sharing details of this with you in the near future once everything is finalised.

Finally we would sincerely like to thank the community of Nantwich, every one of our players, coaches, volunteers, supporters, parents and valued commercial partners, for your continued support, loyalty and offers of help. It is appreciated and it is very much needed and once we have our structured and sustainable fundraising mechanic in place, we hope that you will all continue to support the club and join us in helping to bring it to fruition and to reopen the Football Club, stronger and better than ever!

Stay safe and once that we can safely open, I look forward to welcoming and joining all of you at our long overdue supporters and players awards evening, which would be a great start and celebration of the new post Covid-19 era and just the tonic I am sure that we will all need by then!


Jon Gold


Nantwich Town FC