As you will have seen in the media and due to the ongoing and critical situation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a view taken by the board of the three trident leagues proposing to sadly once again null and void the current season and whilst this is the still to be ratified by the FA Council, once a club consultation exercise has taken place this week, given the current severity of the pandemic with infection rates and deaths sadly increasing and a National Lockdown in continuation for the foreseeable future, confirmation appears to unfortunately be a formality.

This is obviously frustrating and disappointing for everyone, but given the current severity and dangers from the pandemic, it’s the correct decision and one that we wholly support, as the health and safety of all of our staff, management, volunteers, players and supporters is of paramount importance and must take precedence, over any short term desire or commercial need, we all have to stage football activity.

This will obviously have another devasting financial impact on the club, both in the immediacy and in our ability to prepare a team and the stadium for next season, whenever and whatever format that will take, is confirmed, so the club will again be hopeful and sincerely appreciative of any support and help that you are able to provide.

We are mindful of the sacrifices and support that everyone has already given to the club over this past year and to this end, those of you who have again purchased season tickets for the current season and prior to it being curtailed, have only seen three home league games, will have their season tickets carried over and honoured in full for next season.

The current Covid Vaccine programme provides everyone and their families with great optimism for the future and whilst this is very welcome, the reality is that it won’t provide us all with the safety and security that we all desperately need to return to a form of normality, until later in the year, but we are confident that with this on the horizon the 2021/22 season once it commences (and hopefully it’s a much earlier start then normal) will be able to complete safely and uninterrupted and as soon as there is confirmation of when this will be, we will begin making plans, but as we won’t be able to rely on season ticket sales and existing sponsors for our normal pre-season cash flow and investment needed, we will once again need a mammoth effort from everyone and the community to help us to ensure that we are fit, ready and viable to recommence our journey of building on the fantastic success’s and development that we have enjoyed in recent years.

On a personal note, thank you to each and every one of the business’s, individuals, volunteers and supporters that have supported us so generously over this past 10 months and hopefully this will continue over the next few months, as it is very much needed. There is now light at the end of this very dark tunnel and together as a community, we will all be able to enjoy coming together at the start of next season and hopefully that will be in the very near future.


Please all stay safe and healthy during this current challenging time and thanks once again, for your patience, understanding and support.