Walking Football

Nantwich Town Walking Football needs you!

We’re currently looking for both Over 50s and Over 60s football players

What is Walking Football?

Walking Football is really just football at walking pace. The game is small sided, with no running on or off the ball. very little contact and kick-ins instead of thrown-ins. It has become increasingly popular and is ideally suited to help people maintain an active lifestyle as well as support those looking to get back into football who have previously stopped due to age or injury.

Why play?

It is sociable, fun and keeps you active!

Who can play?

Anyone who is over 50. We’re looking for both Over 50s and Over 60s players. Nantwich Town Walking Football is now looking to enter teams into Walking Football leagues and tournaments. This is an exciting time to join!

Where do we play?

Every Tuesday between 5pm – 6pm, on the 3G Arena astroturf pitch at Nantwich Town FC. Cost is just £4 per session.

Need more information?

Please email [email protected] Alternatively just turn up on Tuesday between 5pm – 6pm.


Walking Football – Frequently Asked Questions


Who can come?

Anyone who is over 50 and would like to play Walking Football.

I haven’t played football since school – will I be able to join in or will I embarrass myself?

We all had that worry before we joined, but we help new players to avoid injury by doing a warm-up, and by adapting our game so that you can play whatever part you can, to build up your stamina and skill level. Our players are extremely supportive of newcomers. You can play for as long or short a time as suits your fitness level.

What should I wear?

You need to bring a pair of trainers or similar soft-soled footwear to change into, but for clothing you can choose whatever you feel comfortable wearing – we give out coloured bibs at each session, to distinguish each team. A T-shirt and shorts will be fine, or you could wear your favourite team’s colours if you prefer. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during the session.

Is it acceptable to play only some sessions?

We would really like you to come every week. However we’re aware that some players work shifts and can come only every other week. There are others who have family and work commitments which mean they can attend sessions only occasionally.

How can I input ideas?

Suggestions by anyone are both encouraged and welcomed. We are a relaxed group, so please don’t feel inhibited from making ideas.

Do you enter football competitions?

The key focus of the group is to enjoy playing and socialising at our sessions. However we would like to develop Nantwich Walking Football and so we are looking at entering Nantwich Walking Football Over 50’s and Over 60’s into more tournaments and a Walking Football league.


Walking Football Basic Rules


Non-contact football

To avoid injury, we aim for no physical content, calling a foul for tackling from behind or through the legs. This is the most black-and-white option for the ‘ref’ to interpret consistently.

No running

There is no running – on or off the ball

This rule is intended as a leveller between younger and older (sometimes slower) players. It means you have to have some part of one foot on the ground at all times.

The ball must stay below 6 feet high and headers are not allowed

This rule is also intended to avoid injuries – by keeping the ball low, typically playing with the side of the foot, we reduce the chance of it impacting the upper body. Neither do we want clashes of heads as opposing players go for a high ball.

The “D” around the goal is a no-go area

Only the goalkeeper should be in the “D” – defenders entering the area will give away a penalty and attackers entering the area will give possession to the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper may not come out of the “D”.

Other items to note

Play stops if someone falls over or pulls up injured.