This game was one in which the Dabbers youth team was really looking forward to, and all of the preparations were in place for what was a huge game to show themselves, and to put the team on the map in such an historic cup competition.

Both sides lined up in the early evening light, and it was all set for a classic encounter to see who would prevail to the next round.

From the off, there was plenty of goalmouth action, sadly though for the home side, it was the visitors who were the ones who were on the front foot, and had chance after chance, to try to open the scoring, with the number 9 Joe Meskell proving a very tricky opponent, and someone who had a fair few chances, but thankfully was unable to get passed Freddie Chesters in the Nantwich Town goal.

The few bright spots for Nantwich in the opening half were from Callum Walker at full back, Bailey Hall out wide, and up front Oliver Pope, all three tried their best to test Ryan Hogarth, but to no avail, and going in at the break, it was 0-0, but the shot count was decidedly in the favour of Lancaster City 17 to one, but as long as it was still goalless, there was hope for the home side.

The second half started a lot better for Nantwich, and indeed it should have been the home side that took the lead, a great bit of play in the 48th minute, saw the ball fall to Hall, who had a great chance to score, but very unfortunately, he saw his shot go just wide, when presented with a very favourable chance.

Nantwich seemed to take great heart from this, and tried to find the opening, and had more chances, including a possible penalty shout on Pope turned down by the referee on the night, and it was Pope, who was causing all manner of problems for Lancaster’s defence.

However, from there, it was the visitors, who took the lead, via a hugely deflected shot from Jenson Butterworth, who cut in, and saw his shot go in the opposite side to where he intended it to.

From there, despite Nantwich pressing, and having a much better second half, they couldn’t sadly find the equalising goal, which would have taken the game to a penalty shoot-out, and Lancaster go into the next round.

It was a display that the Dabbers youthful side can take great heart from, especially that second half performance.