The Weaver Stadium

Weaver Stadium overview

The Weaver Stadium was opened in 2007 at a cost of ¬£4m. It replaced the club’s old stadium, Jackson Avenue, and has been the club’s home for the last 11 years.



Baker Wynne & Wilson Stand

Main stand

The Baker Wynne & Wilson Stand is the main stand at the Weaver Stadium and is situated to the south of the pitch. It has a seated capacity of around 300 people and houses the club’s offices, club shop, changing rooms and function room. It also contains refreshment facilities in the form of the Dabbers Diner. It houses all of the seating capacity at the stadium and is well covered against the elements.




Ableworld Stand

Disabled Stand

There is a covered disabled stand on the South side of the stadium, opened by the Nantwich Town Independent Supporters’ Association in 2016. It can hold a number of disabled supporters and is open to both home and away fans. Ahead of the 2016/17 season, mobility aid company Ableworld announced a deal with the club to sponsor the stand for the season.





Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Vans Stand

Weaver Stadium Terrace

The Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Vans Stand is a small terrace on the north side of the stadium. It can hold around 295 standing supporters and is where the more vocal home support is located.

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