Development Teams

Club Coaching and Football Philosophy

Nantwich Town FC will encourage and enable players and coaches to develop their football skills and knowledge. All our teams will play football in a positive manner, showing respect to match officials, other players, managers and spectators at all times.

We will teach our boys and girls how to play football. Winning will be an outcome of our approach to development, losing will be an outcome of our approach; we will embrace both outcomes with positive support for our players, parents/guardians and coaches.

Mini Soccer Teams Manager

Under 7’s


Under 7’s


Under 8’s 

Rob Jackson Jones

Under 9’s 

Paul Springthorpe

Under 9’s 

James Jarvis

Under 10’s 


Under 10’s 


Under 10’s 


Junior and Youth Teams

NTFC Under 11’s – Manager David Vaughan, Keith Thomas and Angus Graham

NTFC Under 11’s – Manager Chris James and Steve Newman

NTFC Under 11’s – Manager Roy Garratt and Andrew Ladley

NTFC Under 12’s – Manager Chris Morris, Carl Boffey and Paul Goodchild

NTFC Under 13’s – Manager Chris Boughey and Carl Capewell

NTFC Under 14’s – Manager Chris Lloyd

NTFC Under 15’s – Manager Steve Parker

NTFC Under 16’s – Manager Darren Williams and Greg Cross

NTFC Under 16’s – Manager Paul Adamson

NTFC Under 17’s – Manager Eddie O Riordan and Scott Edwards

Under 18’s (Youth Team)  – Manager Lyndon Wain

Saturday Morning Community Football – Jay Bateman

NTFC Football Development Officer – TBA

Age Phase Lead Coach 5 – 11   TBA

Age Phase Lead Coach 12 –  16 TBA

Age Phase Lead Coach 17 – 21  TBA

Youth and Community Football enquiries: clive.jackson

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